Malapascua after Super Typhoon Yolanda

Good news in Malapascua

Ocean Vida Beach and Dive Resort and Sea Explorers will be fully operational again by December 20, 2013.

Malapascua is recovering fast after the typhoon and we encourage people to visit the island to help the local community to get back with normal life as soon as possible.

Ocean Vida is offering 5+1 (stay 6 nights and pay only 5 nights) on all accommodation types between December 20, 2013- January 31, 2014.

We hope to welcome you soon in Malapascua!


Malapascua after Super Typhoon Yolanda

Dear families, friends, former and future guests of Ocean Vida Resort and Sea Explorers Malapascua.

In the morning of November 8th, Malapascua took a direct hit from the super-typhoon Haiyan, the strongest typhoon ever measured in the recorded history. The typhoon left Malapascua almost completely devastated with more than 95% of all buildings totally destroyed or severely damaged.

Miraculously, from the feedback we have had from our staff, none of the Sea Explorers or Ocean Vida staff (and their families) sustained any fatal or severe injuries and all are currently safe. However most of them, if not all of them, lost everything. Their houses and all their belongings are gone.

The Ocean Vida restaurant and the reception are simply not there anymore and the roof of the sea view rooms is seriously damaged. Most of the Sea Explorers dive centre is okay, but for now only one of the boats can be saved, and the Talisin is completely lost.

It takes more than a storm to break the Filipino spirit and already on day 1 after the typhoon, everybody was in a positive mood and we are currently doing everything possible to bring the resort and the dive centre back to normal. Currently, there is still no electricity or mobile signal with the entire island. So, until further notice, neither Ocean Vida nor Sea Explorers Malapascua can accept any guests or customers.

We know that many of you want to help support the island and your friends there. For that we are very grateful, and Sea Explorers and Ocean Vida Resort have set up a donation-account from which the money will go directly to supporting the staff and help rebuild their homes.

We will of course keep you updated whenever possible, but please understand that the situation is very serious and our first priority is the well-being of the staff and their families.

We received lots of emails and we try our very best to reply but please bear with us that we are not able to handle everything in time as usual. Thank you very much for your kind consideration.

Every single Peso/Euro will help the people in need.

Euro Account Switzerland:

Regiobank Solothurn
Westbahnhofstrasse 11
CH-4500 Solothurn
IBAN: CH86 0878 5044 4319 9415 1
EURO Account 444.319.94.151
Rolf Muehlemann and Christian Heim (Sea Explorers)
Vermerk: Help Malapascua

Peso Account Philippines:

Cebu Lahug Branch
Cebu City 6000

PHP Savings acct. #169-3-16923762-0
Account Name: Pascale Adrienne Meyner
Note: Help Malapascua

or Paypal

German Translation


  1. Hi guys

    So relieved to find Ocean Vidas website and discover that you are all well with no serious injuries. I had emailed eveyone I know to try to get information with no replies so I had feared the worst.

    Keep smiling and I shall fulfill my own ambition and get back to Malapascua again to have a Red Horse with you and meet those beautiful Threshers again

    Brian Griffiths
    Discovering Africa Safaris
    South Africa

    • Thank you Brian. We really appreciate your thoughts and concerns.

  2. My husband Dov from Israel is currently on the island

    I am so happy that there no fatalities only the property damage.

    I hope everything will be fine and stay complete because we are here worried about you very much,


  3. To the owners and staff of Ocean Vida & Sea Explorers:
    It’s good to know that you are all ok. It saddens us though to see the destruction brought to the island. Keep your spirits high and soon you will up and running again.
    I look forward to going back to Malapascua again to dive with the Threshers and relax at your beach front.

    Be safe.

    Rich A.
    Manila, Phils

  4. Dear All

    I am so glad to hear that there has been no loss of life and no serious injuries.

    Having returned from a fantastic time on the Island this May, our thoughts are with all the staff at Ocean Vida, Sea Explorers and our main dive guide Loy.

    It was good to see some familiar faces on the Help Malapscua website on Facebook – I know that communications have been halted.

    we are donating to the account in Germany and only wish we were in a position to do more.

    We look forward to hearing the updates as and when they are available.

    All the best

    Jo and Paul

  5. I have been wondering about the Ocean Vida/Sea Explorers staff and families since the typhoon, and it finally occurred to me you might have info on the website (I’m a little slow!). Glad to hear no lives were lost, and I hope the rebuilding goes quickly! Hope to be able to visit your lovely island again!

  6. Looking forward to visiting you all in May. Best wishes rebuilding. Glad to learn no one was injured.

  7. On 15th of december

    Just Came back to Cebu after 7 days in Malapascua and Ocean Vida.

    Your team spirit is awesome, I really enjoyed my stay and had good time there!

    I wish you all the best in future, I will be back!



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