Weather in Malapascua

The weather and seasons changes significantly depending on the area you visit in the Philippines. Due to its geographic location Malapascua offers unique weather conditions. Please note that below mentioned is to be regarded as indications based on our experience living on Malapascua for over 6 years. We do not wish to predict what will happen next year.

Typhoons around Malapascua

We experienced multiple typhoons here the last years. The strongest being typhoon Frank in June 2008 were Malapascua was basically in the eye of the storm and the island suffered heavy damage. We had around 5-6 Typhoons affecting us the last six years in Malapascua. Typhoons can hit all year around and there is no certain months were you can be sure to avoid it. If there is approaching typhoon then diving is restricted to a few dive sites protected from the wind.

December to February

While not exactly cold these are the coldest months during the year. This is also the time of year when we experience most of the rainfall. It is usually windy and boat rides can be choppy. Even so many people enjoy the fact that it is comfortably cooler at this time of year. We advice bringing a rainponcho.

Temperature day 27-29 Celsius
Temperature night 26-27 Celsius
Water temperature 26-28 Celsius

February to May

Even if it fluctuates sometime just before or after February the summer starts with increasing air and water temperatures. Usually the winds and waters are also getting calmer. This is the busiest season in Malapascua.

Temperature day 28-31 Celsius
Temperature night 28-29 Celsius
Water temperature 27-29 Celsius

May to October

Summertime on Malapascua and best time of year in terms of high temperatures and calm waters. Many travel guides will state that this is wet season but while it is true for some areas of the Philippines, in Malapascua this has been the driest time of year for the past six years. Furthermore it is low season which means that the number of tourists on the island and the dive sites around it decreases and you may get discounted prices on accommodation.

Temperature day 29-31 Celsius
Temperature night 28-31 Celsius
Water temperature 29-30 Celsius

November to December

It is difficult to estimate when the season changes from summer season to winter season. It seems to fluctuate from year to year. Sometimes summer end and colder temperatures arrive by the end of November while other time it is not until weeks later. Last year we experienced unusually sunny winter months with almost no wind. During January, however, it was windy and rainy for almost the entire month.

Temperature day 28-30 Celsius
Temperature night 27-29 Celsius
Water temperature 28-29 Celsius

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